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When you support the Pacific Crest Alliance, a registered 501(c)(3), you are supporting our efforts to preserve small-scale prospecting and mining. Your donations support our litigation to restore mining rights, and our efforts to preserve mining history. Like our online prospecting maps? Help us keep plotting additional mining information by supporting our mapping efforts. Each year we have to pay fees to Arc Gis and web hosting to keep the maps alive. Your donations further our efforts to map all existing, and past, mining claims, fault lines and historic sites and trails. Most importantly, your donations fund our legal efforts to protect mining.


Escrow Account Donation

Click here to make a contribution to our escrow account. The escrow account will be held until the end of litigation. If we need to pay costs then the costs will paid from this account and your donation will fund that. If we win, then your donation will be returned to you. While we appreciate every dollar we ask that donations to the escrow account which we would be required to refund would be $500 or above. The escrow account is held by our attorney, and every check he'll have to write will cost us money. We also need donations to pay our ongoing legal bills so please consider just making a regular donation.


One Time Donation

Click here to make a one time donation of any amount. We'll send you a receipt acknowledging your tax-deductible contribution to the Pacific Crest Alliance. If you also want to sign up for the Western Mining Alliance newsletter you can add that in the note section, otherwise the only further communication you'll receive from us is the acknowledgment and a thank you. We respect your privacy and know its important. That's why we never give out any information of donors. You can be assured we'll respect your privacy which ever donation you choose.

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Use this button to set up a recurring donation. You can use the "Unsubscribe" button below to stop a recurring donation.

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$275 Pay for an Hour of Legal Bills

If you don't want anything, but still want to help out, how about paying off an hour of legal bills? Your donation will go directly to the lawyer and pay down our bill. This will be a donation to our 501(c3)(3) and you will receive a receipt acknowledging your donation for tax purposes.


$150 Pay Half an Hour of Legal Bills

If you want to help us pay down the legal bills, and you want a tax deduction here's a way to do it. You can pay for half an hour of our bills through our non-profit The Pacific Crest Alliance. This will be a donation to our 501(c3)(3) and you will receive a receipt acknowledging your donation for tax purposes.