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So You Want to Find Gold?

Want to find some gold? What's stopping you? There's about a million videos out there on Youtube, some are pretty good, some are lousy, you'll figure it out. If you want to find gold, lace up your boots, grab a pack and a pan and throw a dart at a map of the Sierra Motherlode. Just about anywhere that dart hits you'll find gold.If your summer passed you by and you didn't find any gold how about going to our gold page,Gold for Sale. Buy some gold so we can keep this website going and writing articles. We're getting ready to post a whole bunch of new gold - really beautiful gold. If you want to find your own gold the first step is getting your own mining claim. You can check out our Mining Claims. You can find one, buy one, lease one or just find open ground. Through our custom database and mapping we pretty much know every square foot of available land. If you just want to read about getting started... Read More.

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Staking Starvation Creek

Dredging is illegal? Whaaaat? In the Murphy's Bar series we follow a pair of undocumented dredgers down on Starvation Creek. How do you end up on Starvation Creek? Following a hot tip of course. This is the original story in the Murphy's Bar series, and no, we're not done yet. So if you wanted to know how it all started, read Staking Starvation Creek


The Backpack Dredge


Dredging for Dummies

Let's be honest. Running a dredge isn't rocket science. It pretty much comes down to sticking a nozzle in the water and sucking up gravel. The first time I put a dredge in the water I had no one to tell me how it went together and I might have skipped a step or two, but I pulled the starter, put the regulator in my mouth...Read More

Gold Finds

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