Looking for an adventure? Check out our consulting page - the 16:1 mine will allow people to metal detect their tailings - for a percentage split, and will allow camping on their private property. Additionally they'll use a loader to spread the tailings out for you. So if you're wondering what to do with a mini-gold hunting vacation - write to us at If you're new to all this and want someone to take you out gold hunting - drop us a line. We'll be out in the field all summer - good luck to you, see you in the fall.

Summer, at last

Summer. That means mining. If you were expecting legal dredging this summer - nope. The recent release of the draft permit requirements by the California Water Board was exactly what we expected. Those who believe there is some type of negotiated way out of this mess - don't hold your breath. With the Water Board wanting over $2600 per year in permit fees, and unknown costs, and other permit requirements, it's time to acknowledge legal dredging is dead and its time for you to move on to alternate methods of mining. We encourage you to get your own claim and do your own mining. It's really hard to actually mine a club claim, so why not just get your own. There's thousands of them out there for the price of just filing the location documents, so what's stopping you?

With summer upon us it's time once again to head out and try to dig gold out of the ground while avoiding digging yellow jackets out of the ground. The sad truth is there's more yellow jackets than gold, but we suspect you won't mix the two up.

Mining News

Gold Panner

Staking Starvation Creek

Dredging is illegal? Whaaaat? In the Murphy's Bar series we follow a pair of undocumented dredgers down on Starvation Creek. How do you end up on Starvation Creek? Following a hot tip of course. This is the original story in the Murphy's Bar series, and no, we're not done yet. So if you wanted to know how it all started, read Staking Starvation Creek


The Backpack Dredge


Dredging for Dummies

Let's be honest. Running a dredge isn't rocket science. It pretty much comes down to sticking a nozzle in the water and sucking up gravel. The first time I put a dredge in the water I had no one to tell me how it went together and I might have skipped a step or two, but I pulled the starter, put the regulator in my mouth...Read More

Gold Finds

SixteenToOne Hardrock gold Hardrock gold Hardrock gold Sixteen to One Mine Hardrock gold Highbanking Hardrock Gold Panning Mine Hardrock Gold Gold Ore Mine Cleanup Gold Pan Unsafe Mine Gold Cleanup Mining Camp Chunky gold Lode gold Gold Hoist frame Gold Gold Specimen Piece of gold Gold Pan 1 oz nugget Nugget Nugget Nuggets Nuggets Quartz Nugget Hardrock Gold